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Vertex Standard VX-350 Series Portable Radios

VHF/UHF Portable Radios.
Feature Hilights:
  • 16 Channel Capacity
  • 5 Watts UHF or VHF
  • Wide band coverage
  • VX-354 Four key or VX-351 no key versions
  • Long battery life
  • Extra signaling built in
  • Option connector for encryption or MDC
  • Stun Kill and Revive (option)
VX-350 (VHF)
VX-350 (UHF)
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Vertex   FNB-V95LI
Vertex   FNB-V96LI
Vertex   VAC-300B (PA-42B/CD-34)
Desk Top Rapid Charger for VX-351/354, 120VAC
Vertex   VAC-300C (PA-42C/CD-34)
Desk Top Rapid Charger for VX-351/354, 230VAC
Vertex   VAC-6300B
6 Unit Rapid Rate Charger 120V
Vertex   VAC-6300C
6 Unit Rapid Rate Charger 120V
Vertex   VCM-2
Vehicular Charger Mounting Kit
Vertex   MH-360S
Compact Speaker Microphone for VX-210A, VX-160, and VX-180. Very similar to the MH-34D4B.
Vertex   MH-37A4B
Earpiece Microphone, Light Duty
Vertex   MH-450S
Vertex   MH-45B4B
Speaker Microphone, Heavy Duty Public Safety Style w/Volume Switch, Intrinsically Safe
Vertex   ATU-6A
400-430 MHZ / BROWN / 6.5" / VX10UA/600/800/900
Vertex   ATU-6D
Antenna 450-485 MHZ / RED / 6" / VX-10/160/180/210/400/600/800/900
Vertex   ATU-6F
Antenna 470 - 512 MHz / 5.5"
Vertex   ATV-6B
Antenna 150-163 MHz / 3.5"
Vertex   ATV-6C
Antenna 161-174 MHz / 3.5"
Vertex   ATV-6XL
7" untunned VHF antenna
Vertex   ATV-8A
Antenna 134-150 MHz / Sable / 6"
Vertex   ATV-8B
Antenna 150-163 MHz / Sable / 6"
Vertex   ATV-8C
Antenna 162-174 MHz / Sable / 6"
Vertex   LCC-351
Leather case with belt loop
Vertex   LCC-351S
Leather case with swivel mount
Vertex   LLC-354
Leather Case
Vertex   LLC-354S
Leather Case w/ Swivel