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Motorola BPR40 UHF/VHF Portable Radios
Mag One. Quality Radio at an affordable price.
Feature Hilights:
  • 8 Channel Capability
  • 12.5/25 kHz Switchable Channel Spacing
  • Small Size and Light Weight
  • 2 Programmable Buttons
  • Adjustable Power Levels
  • Priority Scan
BPR40 (VHF w/ NiMH)
BPR40 (VHF w/ Li-ion)
BPR40 (UHF w/ NiMH)
BPR40 (UHF w/ Li-ion)
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Mag One VHF 150=174 MHz Stubby Antenna    PMDAD4051_R

UHF 450-470MHz Stubby Antenna (not pictured)    PMAE4020_R
Mag One 1200mAH NiMH Battery    PMNN4071_R
Mag One 6-hour Mid-rate Charger Kit (includes Based and Transformer)   PMLN4738_R
Mag One 12-hour Slow Charger Kit (not pictured)   PMLN4683_R
Mag One 2" Spring Belt Clip    PMLN4743Mag One 1200mAH NiMH Battery    PMNN4071_R
Mag One Hard Leather Case    PMLN4742
2-Wire Surveillance Kit with Clear Acoustice Tube    PMLN4606
Clear Acoustic Tube    PMLN4605
D-Shell Earset with Boom Microphone with PTT/VOX Switch    PMLN4658
Mag One Remote Speaker Microphone    PMNN4008
Mag One Earbud with In-line Microphone and PTT/VOX Switch    PMLN4442
Earbid with Microphone and PTT Combined    PMLN4294
Mag One Ear Receiver with In-line Microphone and PTT/VOX Switch    PMLN4443_B
Mag One Ultra Lightweight Headset with In-line PTT/VOX Switch    PMLN4445